AndWhatNot Productions is an independent video production company based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; owned and operated by filmmaker Kendra Shapka. AndWhatNot provides professional and engaging video production services.

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About Kendra

AndWhatNot Productions is where I showcase my work as a filmmaker.

Born and raised in Edmonton, I have a passion for creating entertaining and emotionally-powerful videos.

I have over nine years of experience producing and editing a variety of work including live events, corporate, music and television productions. When the opportunity arises, I enjoy collaborating with other like-minded artists to create one-of-a-kind projects.

As I take on new assignments, I like to ask my clients what it is that makes them passionate about what they do. I get inspired watching their eyes light up as they tell me their story. My mission is to produce a piece that best reflects that same captivating experience. 


Recent Work

Melissa & Nicholas - Wedding Film

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